Run Run As Fast As You Can….

I am sure, like me, those of you with children are always looking for ways to entertain them over the interminable holidays. Preferably with a ‘Mummy friendly activity’* that doesn’t require a tenth mortgage on the house. Before Christmas Molly was worrying about what to give for presents. Her finances were slim so I suggested she bake something. We came up with the idea for Gingerbread men. We will definitely be doing them again. The girls spent ages decorating each biscuit differently.

*Mummy friendly activity – An activity which captures children’s attention so that Mum can get back to her Bodice Ripper and glass of chardie.

The teacher in Molly is never far from the surface.

While the teacher is away…

This what I call win win, fun for them, peace for me.

Looks like these fellows may have had a chardie or two themselves.

And to end with just a little Gingerbread Man humor.



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ss December 31, 2012

Recipe for Classic Gingerbread cookies

    Jane Lamason January 1, 2013

    This is so long ago now. I think I just looked up a simple recipe online. It was more about having fun with the decorating than making the actual cookies.

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